This Introduction to Income Tax Preparation course

is designed to provide tax law application

to the tax return in a way that can easily be understood.

In this course, you will use online self-study materials

to prepare your own Form 1040

The instructor will teach, review, discuss and guide

throughout to make sure you can confidently prepare a tax return.

You will gain an understanding of how to prepare Form 1040

without solely relying on tax software

and learn at your own pace.

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Tax Preparation Course

Learn how to prepare tax returns

This Income Tax Course will make taxes easy to understand and how it applies to the needs of individual taxpayers. This course includes tax theory, current tax laws, filing practices and step-by-step skills to prepare tax returns.

About our online training:

  • On-Demand course with instructor available for questions
  • Case studies to apply concepts
  • Videos to enhance topic knowledge
  • Includes exam questions
  • Earn 70% or better on exam
  • Includes certificate of completion
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Hi, I’m Katrina L. Martin,

I have a passion for helping small businesses go from concept to market, I consult with business owners and entrepreneurs looking to start or expand tax preparation firms. Throughout my career, I have amassed specialized knowledge and experience in all aspects of marketing, business origination and tax preparation.

When advising clients, I draw on my accomplishments as a business owner and operator. I am the founder and CEO of Wow Tax Service (, a Michigan-based tax preparation company. A business that I started in my basement in 2003 and grew to support a large client based.

I am most proud that my clients regard me as a trusted advisor, mentor and confidant. I understands the ups and downs that come with running a seasonal business. And have developed proven strategies for supplementing income during slow seasons and smart ways to eliminate slow seasons all together. 

In addition to my work as a consultant, I welcome new opportunities to connect with and help people hit the ground running with their new business ventures! 

Tax Fundamentals

Learn and understand the laws

Prepare Form 1040

Apply the laws manually to Form 1040


Test and receive Certification